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Exciting Career Opportunities

Evergreen Nephrology has partnered with nephrologists including Kidney Specialists of Minnesota to transform kidney care through a value-based, person-centered, holistic, and comprehensive approach to kidney care. We believe patients living with kidney disease deserve the best care and we are committed to improving patient outcomes and improving quality of life by delaying disease progression, shifting care to the home, and accelerating kidney transplants.

Evergreen Nephrology will help Kidney Specialists of Minnesota focus on the right patients at the right time across the full care spectrum. Evergreen is able to do this by providing them with the best-in-class interdisciplinary clinical resources, analytical insight and tools, and services to patients.

We listen to the needs of our patients, our employees, and our client partners, continually working to push beyond the status quo in which the care system manages patients today.

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Nurse Care Manager Advanced Practice Practitioner Care Coordinator